Why are you doing this?

People want to learn more about science, but is there an opportunity for them to do so?

With my first blog post, I thought I’d explain why I’m actually doing this. I don’t want to be just another blogger… I want to help people learn more about science, more specifically ecology, and why it’s so important. I want to show you how fun and interesting ecology is; it’s so much more than learning about food chains in a secondary school classroom while thinking about what you’re going to be doing after you get home. But, then again, as I am saying that, without my biology sixth form teacher I wouldn’t be here telling you about how much I love ecology. I also wouldn’t be sat here typing away without my absolutely amazing lecturers; they are so enthusiastic and are brilliant at what they do, and that inspires me.

I want you to enjoy what I am able to enjoy. Science is interesting and exciting, and most importantly, it’s for everyone. I don’t want to be that scientist that’s caught up in the number of publications I have or the number of conferences I have presented at, although that is important, engaging with the public and helping them learn is of a higher importance.

I hope that So Ecology brings you more knowledge and understanding of the environment we live in, and unravels the amazement that science has to offer.

P.s. I’ve also made a YouTube channel – my first video is about this blog post!

Some of my favourite snapshots of nature that I have taken… because why not? I am an ecologist after all.

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